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Welcome to my Fire, Police, EMS and friends Carnival cruiseship page. I have spent 25 years in Emergency Services and when I learned how inexpensive and relaxing cruising can be I decided to create this page to spread the word to Police and Rescue personnel about the benefits of cruising along with weekly updates showing the best discount prices to book a cruise CHEAP

Carnival also offers cheap $50 booking rates then you can make monthly payments up till cruise date for those on a budget


First off, emergency folks NEED down time but especially police need to let their minds take a break. BUT, even when you are on vacation at home or an amusement park for example your mind is still ON GUARD looking for trouble in public places. Cruising allows your mind to almost completely turn off both that trained and natural instinct since cruising is a self contained city where EVERYONE has been screened for weapons and EVERYONE is in vacation relax mode. Even the security guards on the ship do not carry guns.

Secondly, people seem to naturally bond by sharing an ocean going experience and by day 2 most everyone is greeting each other in hallways, nodding to one another in restaurants etc. Speaking of FOOD its everywhere and ALL FREE! Even room service is 100% free. All types of deserts and healthy non spicy food as well as spicy international foods. Their is also lots of entertainment on board inlcuding a world class comedy club, dance clubs, video arcade, Las Vegas style shows, track, putput Golf, Shuffleboard, basketball courts, 14th floor viewing platform, 7 HOT TUBS, large pool AND a long SUPER SLIDE!

PORT FEE & GRATUITY -  It really is CHEAP to cruise but you should be aware all cruise ticket prices will add on a PORT FEE which is around $75 (they pay that to the port) so if your ticket is $150 the final price on your charge card will be $225. The only other thing to be aware of at check in they will put a hold on your card for $100 (per cabin) in anticipation of any beer or gift store items you might buy with your ship card while on board (see blue card upper left of page) thats your room card and on board purchase card which is where that 100 cash is put so you dont have to carry cash around ship. You get it back if you dont use it by end of trip
NO PASSPORT REQUIRED -  Passports are NOT required on this cruise. All you need to board is a drivers license, birth certificate and your boarding pass. If you have a passport you can use it instead of your drivers license but it is not needed. When you checkin you will be given a SIGN and SAIL card (see the blue card in the upper left corner of this page) that becomes your passport when you leave the ship into Mexico and used to reboard the ship. This card is the ONLY card carried by thousands of cruise visitors every day into Mexico, this card is recognized by local officials and any govt agency you might come in contact with during your excursion trips into Progresso and Cozumel.
If you read the NO PASSPORT statement required above it will make more sense when you look to the left and see the card attached to the lanyard. This is the card you get at checkin. It is called a SIGN and SAIL card. You open your cabin door with it and it and only it can be used for purchases on the ship. Dont worry, ALL FOOD, water, assorted juices and tea are free on the ship but Beer and Soda are extra and requires the attendant to swipe your card. You can also use this card to get stuff at the ship store such as toothpaste, suntan lotion, jewelry etc. They have some really nice duty free stores on board. The sign and sail card keeps you from having to carry around cash or credit cards as most people are in bathing suits so this is a really secure way to have cash but not worry about losing it. IF YOU SMOKE the dute free port in Cozumel has a special deal of 3 Cartons of cigarettes (not 3 packs, 3 CARTONS for just $62 total).

Speaking of Lanyards (see red card holder left) at checkin all you are given is the card and most people are scrambling to find a lanyard when they get on the ship as most people bring their own. If you want to have a police/fire lanyard like the one shown here you will get one from us upon boarding, it helps you find other police and firemen on the ship and allows them to spot you as well. Plus tons of other merchandise and info shown in the left can be grabbed by reading the ON BOARD CRUISE ASSISTANT listed below the cruise dates section. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE LANYARD: You might think its no big deal and you will just carry your card in your pocket but once you get on the ship a strange thing happens... gold, silver and diamonds stop being the talk of the ladies and are replaced instead by WHAT lanyard your wearing! If you have something unique everyone wants to know where you got it, what you do etc. It becomes a great conversation starter to meet new people.
Call 800-819-3902 extension 82798 to talk with Miriam tell her Gary Couch sent you

August 27th, 2018   5 day  $330 per person out of New Orleans LA
+$77 port charge + $63 gratuities

Sept 10th, 2018   5 day  $310 per person out of New Orleans LA
+$77 port charge + $63 gratuities

October 29th, 2018   5 day  $280 per person out of New Orleans LA
+$77 port charge + $63 gratuities

February 2nd 2019   5 day  $280 per person out of New Orleans LA
+$77 port charge + $63 gratuities


PRICE NOTICE! call for prices. When we book most trips they are $289 a person but month to month the rates change. Sometimes they are $460, sometimes $250 and other rare times $200 but they always get higher the closer to sail date.

To book or check current rates CALL 800-819-3902 extension 82798  tell the agent (Miriam) you want to be at the Police Fire table hosted by Gary Couch. This will get everyone in the same section. You also can choose early 6PM or late 8PM dining times. You can eat all day anytime but these times are in the big fancy restaurant where the staff serves you and offers a much better meal option.

Fancy dining room is not like it sounds. You can wear any shoes (no sandles), any shirt (no tanktops) and hats allowed except for dress up night which happens one time on board and even then you can wear slacks and a tshirt if you like. Most people wear a button up shirt and very very few people wear a tuxedo and look out of place.

once you book on our cruise EMAIL GARY to get your free merchandise
Custom Lanyard  Shirt or Tanktop  Door Locator Plaque  On Board Cruise Asst  Cruise Ship Map 

QUESTIONS 318 608 6557
Hi, I am Gary and will be your FREE onboard cruise assistant.  Be sure to checkout the photos from our previous cruise further down this page.
1) Fire/Police Cruise Lanyard (badge holder top left of this page) - lets you spot other emergency folks and tells them you are part of the Fire/Police community. It also tells the ship personnel you come from the Fire/Police Group which can be beneficial in certain circumstances with customer service.
2) Door Locator Plaque - The first time I cruised I noticed a veteran cruiser putting stickers on his door and I thought it was goofy till walking down that long corridor looking for my small room number on a 1200 foot ship. It is VERY helpfull having a landmark to find your door and these work great! Plus other travelers will be thankfull to you as they use your plaque as a landmark to find their own door.
3) Fire/Police Shirt or Tanktop - You get to choose between SHIRT or TANKTOP but I recommend tanktop as shirts are too hot poolside where you will spend most of your time with fun events and parties. This is a GREAT way in addition to your lanyard to spot other emergency brothers and sisters on the ship.
4) Custom Cruise Ship Map - designed by and for our group it shows the main areas that me and my buddies use the most while on the ship and how to get to those areas quickest. A small easy to use cheat sheet that is VERY helpfull when you need to find your way to the evening dining area for example and cannot remember if Inspiration Dining room is your assigned dining area or the Imagination Dining room and how to get to either. Most people are fumbling around the first few days trying to figure out the lay of the land but you can expedite your daily routines with this easy to use route map.
5) Your Own Cruise Assistant - if you have questions about the ship, activities, things to do, how to get to them or want advice on offshore excursions I will be on the ship to answer any questions. I travel on this specific ship 3-5 times each year and enjoy passing on travel tips unique to this ship such as in progresso go to the orange sand bag tent when coming off the ship and ask for Maria. Her girls give an amazing massage on the beach under a canopy for just $25 an hour! Like horses? Fantastic horse rides through the jungle in Cozumel ending with meals provided in cabana on the beach. I could go on and on but tons of these type stories are in my ONBOARD DIRECTIONS guide. I spend most of my time poolside or in dining area behind pool and can easily be found if needed.
6) Plastic Documents Holder - a plastic document holder may seem like a little thing but from exiting your car till you get to the checkin counter you are asked by no less than 20 people for drivers license, birth certificate and boarding pass. One is literally 10 feet from the last one who just watched me show the other guy these same papers. When your dragging two bags and trying to hold on to three documents at same time it becomes a chore NOT to lose them so I came up with a holder that will hold all your papers for easy viewing without the risk of losing any of them.  Also boarding tips such as what floors to book for easiest boarding and de-boarding. Little tips on saving you TWO HOURS waiting to get off ship when it gets back to New Orleans.
7) You get to CHOOSE whether you want to eat WITH our group of Fire/Police at the Emergency Services Table or eat at a seperate table during the big nightly dining. Note, you can choose to skip this big event and use the many buffet areas around the ship but you should atleast try the large dining area the second night as they do a fun welcoming live song by the staff and the last night as they do a very nice good bye song/dance by the waiters.
9) Packing Tips - you get a wealth of information specific to this cruise such as how much and what type of alcohol products will make it through screening, how NOT to carry water on as you can prepay for a case of water to be waiting in your room for just $5 a case which is really cheap and saves alot of lugging. We also include things to make sure are in your suitcase that will come in handy while on the cruise ship such as power outlet multiplier since each cabin only has 1 plug for electronics. Parking options around ship, WiFi options on ship, engine room and bridge tour details, dont bring towels on ship since they are everywhere on the ship and take up valuable suitcase space, make sure you bring a sweater the first day at sea is chilly PLUS TONS of additional tips for your cruise.
10) THINGS TO DO in MEXICO - once on the ship you may want to attend the excursions presentation showing you all the excursions available plus a desk with tons of color brochures to pick and choose your day trips when the ship docks at one of two ports on this trip.  Although they are ALL well managed, very safe and a blast we prefer things like horseback riding through the jungle and massage under canopy tents on the beach or taking the SUBMARINE down 100 feet in Cozumel and seeing a sunk ship with divers outside your portal or even diving WITH the divers if your certified. Your welcome to go with me on any of these trips knowing your getting the best bang for your buck. (most excursions are between $60 and $90 per person and are all inclusive)
11) WORRIED ABOUT BEING SEASICK? - I get a little motion sick doing certain normal things on shore so you can imagine the first time I cruised how worried I was about getting sick but was amazed cruising had no effect on me (other than relaxation). These ships are so HUGE that even four foot waves have little effect on them and most waves at sea are small 1 foot or smaller so 90% of the time you forget your even on a ship till you notice a window and see the ocean outside. Even if you are one of the very few who get seasick they have a tiny patch that is stuck behind your ear and the few who need this patch end up having a great time on the ship.
12) RENTAL CAR WARNING!!! VERY FEW PEOPLE ARE AWARE OF THIS FACT.... in Mexico accidents are handled EXTREMELY different than in the USA. If you rent a car or motobike and have an accident you are ARRESTED and taken to jail. At the jail you have to wait (in a waiting area) for family of accident victim to decide how much you owe for repairs and for restituion (usually within hours you find out how much you owe). One individual for example hit two cars and had to pay $1800 out of pocket to get back on ship. If someone is injured it gets much more complicated. In most cases the rental car company pays the money but their are horror stories of people not being able to pay money owed and if you cannot pay you go to prison till the money is paid and were not talking nice tourist holding cells but in with general population, very dangerous. In any event a ride to jail is just part of the accident procedure in Mexico so dont think something bizarre is happening to you if you find yourself in this situation.
EXCEPTION TO THE RULE... Taking shuttles, riding in cabs, excursion vans are all SAFE and if accident the driver handles the paperwork not occupants in vehicle. ALSO, it is safe to take JEEP RIDING TRIPS in jungle, ATV TRIPS ETC because these are private 5000 acre properties and you are driven to the area then once on private property they hand the vehicle over to you and you follow the group on guided tours always remaining on their private property.
  New Orleans to Cozumel, Progresso and back to Louisiana route
Cruise Ship Water Slide 
Carnival Balcony Dining 
Carnival Cruise Great Vistas Overlooking Cozumel
Carnival Cruise Ships Cozumel Port Docks
Cruise Ship Pool Deck Area
Cruise Ship Mexico Dock and Beach
Cruise Miniature Golf 14th Floor
Cruise Beautifull Views Approaching Progresso Port 
2 Basketball Courts on Top Deck
Cruise Ship Dance Club 
Cruise Ship Fine Dining Stairway
Cruise Restaurants Buffet Food Court
Carnival Cruise Dining More Food Areas
Cruise Pool Sunbathing Waterpark Deck
Cruise Adults Only Serenity Deck Area 
Cruise Ship Beach Massage Progresso
Cozumel Atlantis Submarine Excursion
Cozumel Submarine Excursions Captain
Cozumel Stingray Petting Swimming Area
Cruise Swimming with Stingrays Beach
Cruise Swimming with Dolphins Cozumel
Cozumel Stingray Swimming Excursion
Cruise Snorkle Diving Excursion
Carnival Cruise Turtles Diving Trip
Carnival ParaSailing Cozumel
Cruise Mini Submarine Solo Rides Cozumel
Elation Cruise Ship Mayan Ruins Excursion
CruiseShip ATV Trips Rides Jungle 
Cruise Island Beach HorseRiding Trip
Cruise Ship Horse Swimming Rides 
Cruise Ship Horses on Beach Cozumel
Cruise Ship Horse Buggy Rides Downtown
Carnival Cruise Ship Onboard Gym 
Carnival Fun Ship Onsite Gym Sports Deck
Cruise Ship Beautifull Sunsets 
Cruise Ship Viewing Decks 14th Floor
Cruise Ship Dominos Card Games Balcony
Cruise Beautifull Ocean Cruising Sunsets 

First year we started Police Fire cruises in 2016 since then we do about 3 per year