"Soldier rescues swimmers, earns Soldier's Medal" Army quotes Gary Couch as on scene incident command
- 25 Years Emergency Medical Services Texas (medic), Georgia (mountain rescue) and Virginia (ocean rescue)
- EVOC Certified Emergency Vehicle Operations and Fire Trucks up to Tanker
- EMS State Certified three states and national registry Oklahoma State University
- PADI Open Water Cert and Rescue Diver Virginia Beach Special Operations SkyWarn Certified
During my time with Emergency Services I had the honor of being Lietenant of Trucks, ATV and Dive Boats.
I also had the honor of running dive calls as on scene Supervisor

Trucks 1, 2 and 3 with mobile response boats.

Me on rooftop (far left) with team inspecting our new radar system for weather monitoring

Volunteering on ambulance when city needed extra units running

Joey my Search and Rescue horse

My Jeep which was built for mountain and beach rescue

working as mounted rescue with my horse Joey

Testing out new wreck diving gear

Workouts at station gym, I won two powerlifting police/firemen event titles in 2007

Back of truck 1 with 4 rigs plus 2 HELO rigs for ocean response from helicopter

Certified to operate side scan sonar and towfish

towfish torpedo for receiving side scan data when pulled behind boats

side scan images from 66 feet above ocean floor

more physical conditioning training at station

blackout training at inlets, 1 bottom diver and 1 safety diver on top, attached to a handler on shore

Working day supervisor of lifeguards

More wreck gear testing

The Dive Team was in charge of ATV response to accidents near beach

bench pressing reps getting ready for powerlifting events

I also was on call with Search and Rescue with my K9 Dog Ranger

Waiting for deployment to search for drowning victim late at night

Searching for drowning victim

Me and partner inspecting boat 2 prior to patrol

new boat 4, fiberglass not good for dangerous high surf rescue but great for patrol

three SUV Jet Skis also in our fleet, me cleaning after every shift

The Incident Commands Perch where we ran dive calls on scene

Truck 1 getting checked out start of each shift

Me bombproof training a horse for search and rescue class

Rodeo Bullfighting is a hobby, I worked rodeo clowning at rodeos on the east coast


1st Dan Black Belt TaeKwonDo achieved 1984 and have been working instructor ever since


National Registry Cert

City Dive Teams training facility

Me diving during winter months on car recovery

STEP OVER commands training my bull

bareback jumping training

Join Ops training day

Building our new drive up piers for the SUV Jet Skis

Me in camo pants working rodeo clown at bull training ranch

Me western jumping Joey my SAR horse

Me cleaning truck after beach patrol to prevent rust

Me on ATV winter patrol

Shift change debriefing getting ready to take Jet Skis out on patrol

Me in blue jersey getting ready for bullrider coming out of shoots

Getting drysuit zipped up before doing blackout training

I taught school kids water safety for a month while regular instructor was gone on emergency leave.

Pulling the kidsafe trailer behind our beach truck

Norm my pet riding bull this is when he was 1000 lbs, now he weighs 2000

A new addition to the Bull Riding ranch

Beach training never ending during summer months

VA Beach Drysuit police and rescue getting ready for polar plunge protection

Our dive boat and police boat keeping other boats away from polar plunge area


My unhappy bull after getting nose ring put in at vets office

neck reining command training

Safety vest worn with wild greenbroke horse during training

2 miles off shore getting ready for dive

Me and partner getting ready for ATV remote recovery training

Took over Grandads ranch in Louisiana and working as appraiser and purchase agent for Estate Liquidators

My newest hauling rig great for liquidation of estates and hauling ATVs for search and rescue